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A girl's morale has been boosted

Bal Bahadur Sunuwar, a resident of ward no.4 in Khijikati VDC, is a father of five children. Chhatra Kumari, one of his daughters, is inborn disabled. Although the poor parents brought up so many children by hook or by crook, the support Chhatra required was beyond their affordability. The girl wanted to go to school, but her parents were not in a position to fulfill her desire because of abject poverty. In the meantime, she appeared to the sight of the organisation and got an opportunity to be enrolled for schooling. Now, she is studying in grade 5 of proposed Chandeshwari Secondary School. The organisation has been providing her with scholarship for being poor and industrious. She is grateful to the organisation and wishes to teach brothers and sisters of the village in the future by attaining the essential level of education, labouring hard.