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Dhakre Gaun: A village's name change

The main occupation of Tamangs, Magars and Sunuwars in Balakhu VDC ward No. 9 was portering. This occupation has been continuing from generation to generation. The villagers have small pieces of land but that did not yield sufficient grain to feed their family members. To sustain their family the only option they found was to carry loads. This is why their village was named 'Dhakre Gaun' (porters' village), said Mr. Attru Sunuwar, a residence of the village. As the income from portering is so meager, 10 year old children are also forced to take up the profession of their parents. Although the people are willing to educate their children they could not do so because of extreme poverty.

With the help of SAHAS Nepal, a 26 member-group was formed, some of them porters. The group members took part in non-formal education and agricultural training, and received micro-finance support of Rs 5,000.00. With this money some have started to rear sheep and some have started a vendor business. A recipient of micro-credit and vendor businessman, Mr. Purna Bahadur Magar shared his feeling:" Portering of my own goods and of merchants' goods makes a great difference in terms of social dignity."

The name 'Dhakre Gaun' also indicates a low social status, and so the group members have decided to change the name of the village to 'Deurali Danda' ('singing hill'). They have lodged an application in their VDC for the same.