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From porter to shop keeper

he newly built motorable road from Katari to Okhaldhunga causes problems for people who so far had earned a living by carrying goods from Katari to Okhaldhunga. For the poorest of these porters we started a support program last year.

Sujana Rai is one of the women in Balakhu VDC who earns her family's living on her back. Because she no longer had goods to carry it became quite difficult to feed her family. On the initiative of SAHAS Nepal a group of porters was formed in Sujajana's tol. The group received an initiating fund of NRs 5000,00 from SAHAS and started collecting money on local level. With the generated fund they started selling local products from place to place and from market to market.

This way Sujana was able to earn NRs 7000,00 and with that money started to run her own shop. Her shop runs well and she is proud to tell us: "I was able to pay back the loan of NRs 5000,00 to the group already!".

Even her husband started supporting her by carrying goods from Ghurmi to Balakhu. This year they earned NRs 7000,00 and are now able to lead a dignified life.