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Seniors become literate

Mr. Sarke BK is 60 years old. He was born in a blacksmith family, but never had interest to take up his family's profession. He preferred to make a living by daily wages labor. He worked in different parts of Nepal and Sikkim, India, but could not get satisfaction. During his long journey he realized that the backwardness is basically due to his illiteracy. Because of not being able to make accounts of what he had earned he was cheated most of the time.

In 2006 Bhimsensthan group was formed at Basane of Sisneri VDC ward No. 7 with support from SAHAS Nepal. Mr. Sarke BK also joined the group and received a piglet under the small farmers support scheme. Being 60 years old he joined a Non Formal Education class conducted by SAHAS Nepal, remembering all the difficulties he had to face in his life because of illiteracy. After completing NFE he has started to do signature instead of thumbprint. Whenever Mr. BK gets newspapers and books in Nepali, he starts reading. Mr Sarke shared his feeling: "I never thought of being able to teach my grand children, but I am doing so in this moment. I feel very happy when I read stories, poems and novels to them. The NFE class was the turning point in my life and has opened inner eyes of my wisdom!".