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Small support and great success

Man B. BK of Mulkharka VDC, Okhaldhunga district, is head of a family of eight. He and his wife are dumb. They are landless people and so they are striving to meet their daily needs as blacksmiths. Sometimes they receive grains in exchange for their work.

Man B. BK's wife gave birth to one child every year and was pregnant again. All their children were malnourished. He and his wife spent their days with the collection of food for their children. They did not have time and power left to gain knowledge about education, health, sanitation and others. Their house was in a miserable condition. The anvil they need to perform their work was located inside their house, too, so that they were compelled to spend their days and nights with the unmanaged surroundings.

Man B. BK and his family needed help to mobilize their skills and to enhance their income. Food Security Program provided them a new anvil and good iron materials. They are now quite optimistic to manage their situation due to the good equipment, which they arranged appropriately in their home.