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Focus,Vision, Mission, Objectives & Strategy

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Focus,Vision, Mission, Objectives & Strategy


SAHAS Nepal focuses its efforts with vulnerable families and rural communities who are socially excluded and deprived of community.


Prosperous and just society for future generation


SAHAS Nepal increases capacity of marginalized communities by using their collective efforts for mobilizing resources to improve their prosperity.

 SAHAS-Nepal Values Statement

Equality: SAHAS values treating everyone equally and fairly regardless of gender, caste, ethnicity, or economic position.

Integrity: SAHAS seeks having strong moral principles, being trustworthy, and speaking the truth.

Respect: SAHAS believes in respecting each other and the communities they serve through cultural sensitivity, friendship, listening and understanding each other.

Transparency:  SAHAS seeks to be open and accountable to its staff and its communities by providing information about SAHAS and project plans that it expects to deliver.

Learning: SAHAS values learning and empowering their staff with new knowledge, skills, and experience through a reflection-action process. SAHAS encourages feedback from communities they serve and other stakeholders to improve its efforts.

Teamwork: SAHAS believes that being self-less and working as a team creates excellence through collective passion, intelligence and strength.

Supportive Working Environment: SAHAS believes that all staff enjoy working in an environment that supports each other through providing constructive feedback and encouraging each other to grow and develop.



The objective of SAHAS-Nepal is to strengthen the capacities of the poor and excluded people and their organizations in the social, economic and political spheres through its development, research and advocacy activities at all levels. This is done through:

  • Empower the local people to resolve the issues causing hardship to them,
  • Bring together potential partners for collective action for community based development activities.
  • Biodiversity conservation and management of ecosystem services
  • Develop climate resilient communities
  • Women’s and Youth Empowerment



SAHAS-Nepal implements the programs based on the experience and learned from the previous project and carry forward the approaches and activities that have proven to be effective in reaching the poor and marginalized communities, with a strategic partnership of likeminded organizations.