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New Dawn for Pyauli Sister

Pyauli of Salyantar ward no. 2 of Tripurasundari Rural Municipality, is happy with the ongoing work of foundation of her house which is going to be completed in 2 days. With the destruction of her house by the earthquake, she had to face many hurdles. After 1 and half years of earthquake SAHAS Nepal has constructed the foundation of her house while training the masons. She continued living in temporary house after her husband who has been living with another woman took away the money amount provided by the government as first installment for house reconstruction. “After the destruction of house by earthquake I have been staying in temporary house built on the land of the head of village Mr. Ram Darai since 2 and half year”. She has total land of 2 ropani in Salyantar. The distance between the house and the field is the main reason why she could not grow crops and vegetables. It is the same land which has turned half infertile by the stones and sands collected by her husband with the amount given as the 1st installment of government subsidy 6 months ago. Among the 2 sons of Pyauli sister, elder son is mentally unstable. 15 year old elder son who left school during 6th standard due to family’s financial state is now in maternal uncle’s house doing some work. Her younger son who is 11 year old is studying in 4th standard in Ranipauwa School nearby. “What should I do, fulfill my child’s expenses or feed ourselves with the amount of NRs 300 which I often earn doing some work in others farm? I could not feed and bear his study expenses properly, what will he do in future?” says Pyauli showing her son. We poor people are in trouble if we have, and also in stress if we don’t. It has been 4 years since my husband left. In those 4 years he has visited home for twice, once to get information about donation and the other time to receive government subsidy. He took all the money telling his wife and villagers about starting to build a house for which he pretended to have map of the foundation of house. He bought some iron rod, sand and stones and then escaped. “From then I have never seen him around” says Pyauli in distress. “Today your organization have shown pity on me. My younger son says, “Now we will have our own home, mother we all should live in our new house” Pyauli sister explains with a charming face. During the refresher training for masons in Salyantar and other V.D.C by Care Nepal in co-ordination with SAHAS Nepal, everyone felt that it would be better if materials used in training could be used to build a house of underprivileged family. While selecting family among salyantar most underprivileged ward, ward on- 2 Community Reconstruction Committee selected Pyauli Lamichhane’s family. Her neighbor always mentions that while observing her situation closely deserving family member got selected and we should help such families. Local villager Mr. Ram Bahadur says, “This organization do not need to help us but we are happy with the construction work of Pyauli’s house. Your organization has earned blessings by helping such family. If you reconstruct the whole house it would be better, in return you can have 2nd installment of government subsidy”. Likewise chairman of Salyantar-ward no 1 while recommending Pyauli says,” Your organization is going to help such family like Pyauli, you can write the recommendation letter as you prefer, and I will sign it”. The above saying shows his emotions towards Pyauli. With the completion of foundation of house, Engineer of National Reconstruction Authority assigned in Salyantar Mr. Sunil Kumar Shah has recommended for the 2nd installment of subsidy. We are expecting the amount of 2nd installment Rs 1, 50,000 will be helpful for her to complete the remaining work.