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Training generated self-employment & educated children for better future

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Jan Bahadaur Raut, a resident of Hardeni VDC ward no. 1 was a traditional farmer. He lives in a family of 7 members. He is a secretary of Sunaulo mixed group. In order to fulfill the basic needs of family, he had travelled abroad for foreign employment. After saving NRs. 150,000 he returned to his village with thought of utilizing that money in vegetable farming. As he had no much knowledge about vegetable farming other than traditional method, he continued ginger farming in his field.

He was involved in each and every program under the project as he believed this organization was the solution of his every agricultural problem. He attended every meetings and discussions regularly and had the willingness to produce agricultural crops in his own land. He planted the vegetable seeds provided by SAHAS Nepal and also sold the product at Katari Bazar. Because of his keen interest in learning new techniques, he was sent to the training of plastic house construction and off-seasonal tomato farming. After the completion of training, on the first year he immediately started tomato farming in three plastic houses. His production was distributed in the markets of Katari, Ghurmi and some other villages. He was more interested in this job and was known around as commercial tomato farmer. In resource sharing he received seven more plastics and continues tomato farming in the terraces using the available resources. The result of his hard work and investment was seen fruitful in the production of tomatoes. Tomatoes were sold at the rate of Rs. 50 per kg and the crates containing vehicles were sent by the whole seller/retailer for its purchase. His annual income of this year was Rs. 250,000. His daughters are studying JTA in a technical school from the income of plastic house tomato farming.

Other than tomato, he plans to cultivate different off seasonal vegetables in plastic house too, and become a commercial vegetable grower.