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Balimaya's son got rid of malnutrition

Balimaya was born in Katunje VDC of Okhaldhunga District and is married with Bir Bahadur Tamang. Balimaya gave birth to three children. Until recently the family was facing a lot of problems in making their daily lives. Knowing no other solution, Balimaya's husband took their eldest son and migrated to the next city in search for paid labor, three years ago. They have not returned yet and nobody knows about their whereabouts.

Balimaya owns just a small piece of land, a small hut of wooden bars and a cracked pot for cooking. Her two children have been severely affected by malnutrition and were just like bone and flesh. In times she did not find labor work, their children had to remain hungry or had to fight their hunger with some potatoes per day.

Our staff realized the predicament of the small family and provided some food, mainly grains and pulses, to improve the children's nutrition. We also supported Balimaya's son to get a birth-certificate from the VDC-office with which he can enroll at school. The boy's health has improved and he has started going to school.